mission statement

'Wellbeing skills empower us to make the best of every situation, to become and share of our best selves'

how it all started

Due to her mother's mental breakdown Michaela developed a keen interest in what keeps us well and happy. In 1998 when a new branch of psychology developed Michaela knew that this was the way forward in having a common language beyond culture and religion, a language of wellbeing and self-kindness that anyone could relate to.

This new branch was called Positive psychology and it  investigates what we human beings do, the skills we use, when we are well and happy and capable of solving our problems. The trick is then to use these skills when we are not so well, when we meet adversity, loss, relationship problems or lose confidence in our abilities to contribute something worthwhile.

After taking a Master in Applied Positive Psychology in East London, Michaela set about writing a wellbeing programme which included the various wellbeing skills which research has shown to bring optimism, assertiveness, positive relationships and character strength. 

Michaela has been teaching her programme in secondary schools, given talks, courses and workshop to teachers and professionals in all areas of life, and always been met with enthusiasm and encouragement. 'These skills should be taught in schools' has been the response of many adult participants on her courses.

During the covid lockdowns Michaela got the opportunity to put her course online and to write a student's handbook which includes the wellbeing skills that we all need to use in order to prevent anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking in these frightening and uncertain times. But also skills that help us soar and know that each one of us has something valuable and beautiful to contribute in this world.

Michaela is passionate about presenting these skills to all the secondary schools in Ireland, she frequents teacher educational centres all over Ireland, zoom, and in person. She can often be found on the road travelling from school to school handing out samples of the student's handbook and brochures as she believes all students and teachers in this country (and beyond) can empower themselves way beyond their imagination with these skills.