In line with Dept. of Education Wellbeing Education Guidelines EI

step-by-step guidance

Helping young people empower themselves with positive brain activity optimised through down-to-earth practical skills applicable to every-day living.

Based on the study of what we do when we are well and happy (positive psychology) applying this when we are not so well.

We don't deny the negatives but we cultivate the much needed balance of finding the learning and hidden gems within the negatives.

  1. appreciation skills x 5
  2. optimism skills  x 5
  3. positive communication skills x 6
  4. character strength discovery and use x 5 (ongoing)
  5. assertiveness skills x 6
  6. hidden character strengths x 6 (ongoing)
  7. personal problem-solving x 5

  • Writing and reflection skills
  • Role-play and communication skills
  • Review & Assessment
  • Happiness assessment before & after

sample pages

Positive brain activity helps to counter balance the input of negative brain activity that naturally accumulates over time. Each chapter contains a reflection/ meditation to help calmness and relaxation.

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