wellbeing topics

7 Sessions each containing: 
  • 5-6 videos (on usb3 for download or online)
  • 5-6 ebooks (handbook or online)
  • 5-10 worksheets (handbook or pdf)

working with the appreciation skills

Developing a variety of gratitude skills due to research showing us that 25% of our happiness/wellness comes from being appreciate.

transforming negative thought patterns

Step by step guidance to hope and self efficacy in the midst of adversity and suffering (based on CBT method). We learn the skill of accessing a helpful point of view that energises and empowers us.

how to build positive relationships

Developing positive communication skills and a step by step guidance to forgive self or others. Includes a short loving-kindness meditation.

discovering personal character strengths

Wellbeing is closely linked to using our personal character strengths. We explore these and learn to appreciate different strengths in people around us.

assertiveness & flow skills

Skills helping us to overcome shyness and aggression, two enemies of enjoying our lives fully. We explore personal 'flow' activities that give us purpose and enjoyment.

exploring the obscure character strengths

Not all strength are equally appreciated and yet these might be the very ones that help us live in unity and peace with each other, allowing us to become our best selves.

exploring personal problem solving

An accumulation of personal problems can lead to depression, anxiety or suicidal thinking. A step by step guidance to solve problems, one by one.

typical lesson

  1. Teacher/facilitator introduces the topic (teacher prep. from reading up on the skill in the teacher's book)
  2. Viewing of a mini video
  3. The teacher explains how to work with the skill (pdf printout or page in the handbook)
  4. Students work with the skill on their own/in pairs
  5. The teacher/facilitator walks around checking with individual students how it is going - explaining or helping where necessary
  6. Students are asked to share with the person/s next to them
  7. The 3-8 min. reflection/mindfulness/meditation video is played

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