37 mini videos

Explanations and motivation to engage and work with each particular wellbeing skill in order to discover what is helpful and encouraging for oneself.

Build on the latest brain and wellbeing research which shows us how certain attitudes and thought patterns can be acquired which help students feel
  • safe
  • hopeful
  • connected to an inner goodness and strength
  • confident of having talents to share

easily accessible

All the videos on a USB 3 stick, downloadable to your school network or playing directly from the usb3 stick.


  1. Teacher/facilitator introduces the topic (teacher prep. from reading up on the skill in the teacher's book)
  2. Viewing of a mini video
  3. The teacher explains how to work with the skill (pdf printout or page in the handbook)
  4. Students work with the skill on their own
  5. The teacher/facilitator walks around checking with individual students how it is going - explaining or helping where necessary
  6. Students are asked to share with the person/s next to them

Videos also available as interactive videos with the online programme

2-6 minute videos

  1.  Remember Good Experiences   5 videos
  2.  TURN to optimism skills               5 videos
  3.  Positive Connections                   5 videos
  4.  Character strengths                     5 videos
  5.   Assertiveness skills                      6 videos
  6.   Hidden character strengths      6 videos
  7.   Personal problem-solving          5 videos
Each topic has a reflection/meditation video at the end to encourage calmness, relaxation and a sense of belonging.

plant a lasting memory

Clip from Session 1: Chap 3 It takes 30 seconds for a good memory to become a long-time memory. With a store of positive memories in our brains, we naturally view adversity and sufferings with more hope and calmness.